The Team

First of all, we are three women who met in business school. Thanks to this project we are able to join our strengths to deliver a perfect work.


Far off the beaten track, we know that the marketing world is not an easy one, especially in these difficult times. Often considered as secondary, our specialty is above all means in our opinion, the creation of a community around good services is the best way to get closer to people.

Our taste for entrepreneurship has brought us together around a marketing project in order to offer you services that reflect our image and your budget.

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As a small globe trotter, she doesn't waste a second to travel and learn from others, a good way for her to feed her creativity. Her open-mindedness acquired during her 5 years at university and her 7 years of expatriation allow her to have essentials assets: a real plus for us today within the team.


Her sense of management and her imagination (sometimes a little too overflowing, it must be admitted) allow us to visualize marketing from another angle.


She is a person with a sense of responsibility, she knows how to keep a cool head and her feet on the ground to provide work that will bring all your projects to success 

Her entrepreneurial background allows her to be a touch to any emeritus.

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A little sunshine from the south of France, her creativity and organization are an integral part of her personality at work. She has grown up in small developing companies and has become an essential asset in every team.

She is now an important member of our team, where each one brings her own personal touch.


Between London and Paris her marketing experience has sharpened over the years, leaving nothing to chance and always curious to learn new things.

From a personal point of view she is a strong and independent woman who is always there to help others, which is why she has participated in many humanitarian works in the past.

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Always on the move and focused on her development, Louise is the youngest member of the team. Despite her young age, her experience around the world has allowed her to acquire a sense of rigor and organization. Always with a "to do list" under her elbow, she is organized, but also creative.


She owes her ability due to her atypical career within international companies but also to her studies, within a program specialized in digital marketing. Driven by the desire to succeed, she always focused on her goals, she is a true online lover and represents a real strength inside WE DO agency.


Thanks to her enthusiasm, she knows how to bring a touch of freshness to everything she touches.

“Communication is an essential factor in order to achieve a project carried out to perfection”

"Emotion and creativity are at the heart of life and innovation"

“Innovation is not an option, it's an opportunity”